Bottle Filling Machines Designed for Filling Capacities between 0.2ml to 5 Litres

Bench Top Bottle and Vial Filling Machine manufactured in the United Kingdom.

Semi-Automatic Bottle Filling Machines Custom Designed to Suit your products.

King is an established Machine Manufacturer with over 18000 Installations Worldwide.

Ideal Filling Solutions for Creams and Colloids, Gels and Pastes, Oils and Ointments.

Positive Displacement Gear Pump and Peristaltic Pump enabled Filling Machines.

Designed specifically for filling E-Liquid, E-Juice, E- Cigarette and Premium Vaping Supplies.

1st December 2017

12th December 2017

14th December

19th December

We offer a range of machinery from semi-automatic liquid filling to to fully automatic high speed production lines to suit your requirements

King Table Top Liquid Filling Machines are designed to fill all types of bottles and receptacles with a repeatable filling accuracy of +/- 0.5% achievable.

E-Liquids filling machines for sale. New Volumetric Filling machines for Dispensing E-juice, Vaper e-liquids and Best E Cigarette and E-Cig Refills.

King are a leading manufacturer of filling and capping machinery to the Electronic Cigarette Industry providing a Complete Range of Production Solutions.

Bench Top Bottle and Vial Filling Machine manufactured in the United Kingdom.

Flexible and Accurate Gear Pump Fillers power by Servo Motor Technology.

Semi-Automatic Bottle Filling machines by CE King Ltd. What is a bottle filling machine?

Fully Customizable and Configurable Machines with a big range of Filling Accessories.

1st January 2015

2nd January 2016

8th March 2016

8th June 2016

With a large touch screen and intuitive menu system the King Technofill is a best in class solution designed specifically with the operator in mind.

King Gear Pump Fillers accurately fill the desired capacity of Liquid, Gel or Cream in Containers, E Liquid Bottles, vials and Vape Juice Refill Dropper Bottles.

King Technofill's are a flexible filling solution ideal for contract packers and production environments where many different types of products are filled.

King Peristaltic fillers deliver the widely recognized advantages of accurate filling, sterility and ease of cleaning  as well as a  guarantee against cross contamination.