Our Gear Pump Filling Machines are suitable for Free Flowing and Viscous Products

About this Filling Machine:

The King Technofill is table top semi automatic liquid filling machine designed to fill plastic or glass bottles in small and medium scale filling operations. It can be configured with either a positive displacement gear pump or peristaltic pump which is powered by a servo motor. The pump revolutions are counted and at the end of the predetermined count cycle the pump stops completing a filling cycle. Bottles are manually handled by an operator. The machine is fully customizable and has optional features which include Hot fill pumps, Pneumatically actuated dispensing nozzle, Direct mount cream hopper, Foot Switch and a complete range of nozzle change parts designed to suit the handling of most filling medias. With a modular upgrade path to increase production output the system can be easily expanded at a future date.

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King Technofill - Gear Pump


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